Welcome to the spldtutors Blog

This is the spld tutors blog: it’s set up as an area for discussion and debate; to pass on information and advice relating to the work that we do. Please do be aware that this is not a private space although some discussions can be limited to a password protected area-  password to follow by email.
As it is a potentially public space, please be aware of what you post, the need for discretion and to respect confidentiality.
It is run under the auspices of the University (but is not a voice for the University) as such if any posts are thought to be inappropriate they may be taken down and your use of the blog may be suspended.
The following is the University’s guidance on blogging

Writing guidelines

•Don’t air internal issues on a public blog. Use the University’s structures of governance and grievance/complaints procedures as appropriate.
• Don’t attack: do not mount a public attack on an individual (rather than a position). Follow University Regulations on abusive behaviour, and don’t risk bringing the University into disrepute.
•Respect privacy: don’t make something public that should be private, especially if about another person. Eg, don’t write about something someone has said that can be identifiable, even if only by the person themselves.
•Be fresh: don’t publish when tired and emotional.
•Judge what is appropriate: your blog should enhance the activities of the University and the academic life of its members. Judge what is appropriate. For example, it might be ok to blog about your interest in film even if not attached to Film; it’s not appropriate to share home videos only of interest to family.

I hope you enjoy reading and contributing