Navigating the Pathways to a Cybersecurity career

Join Cyber Pathways and (ISC)2 for the first webinar in a series, on Thursday 23rd September at 14:00 BST

Join Cyber Pathways and (ISC)2 for the first webinar in our series, on Thursday 23rd September at 14:00 BST when we will be discussing ‘Navigating the pathways to a cybersecurity career‘ with Dr Sanjana Mehta, Advocacy Director – UK at (ISC)2.

Speaker 1. (ISC)² – Dr Sanjana Mehta

The cybersecurity sector is one of the most appealing places to work today. With above-average rewards and a shortage of skilled professionals in the space, there is a plethora of opportunities for people looking to career change into cyber, start their career path in a cybersecurity role and countless opportunities for advancement and new directions for those already working in the field. But where to start, and how do you make sense of the many pathways into and through the cybersecurity workforce? In this presentation, (ISC)² will examine the routes into a career in cybersecurity and explain the options and career choices available.

Speaker 2InfoSec People – Chris Dunning Walton

Speaker 3. Lloyds Banking Group – Kayleigh Tobbell

Women in Security: Growing a cross- industry Community
How Lloyds Banking Group have grown a community who are actively addressing the gender gap within security. Why is there a need for this type of community?
How did it start and where is it heading? Why is there a need for ‘manbassadors?’

Additional speakers will be announced shortly. The webinar will feature Q&A and a panel discussion.

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