Into Games Career Fair

Into Games Career Fair

Thursday 29 July 2021

A free one-day online careers fair featuring some of the top UK game studios showcasing their latest roles and offering advice and feedback. Register here.

It’s no secret, the games industry is on a rocketship trajectory to a bright future. With a staggering spectrum of technical and creative roles to choose from, It’s never been a better time to ramp up your career or land that first job in games!

To get a helping hand, join Into Games’ first online career fair connecting job changers and seekers with a wide range of UK game studios showcasing exciting roles and providing invaluable tips and feedback.

Into Games Career Fair will also be hosting a range of free roundtables and talks throughout the day offering insights and guidance on how to get a job in these key disciplines:

·      Games Art

·      Games Animation

·      Games Audio

·      Games Production

·      Games Design

·      Games Programming

·      Marketing and Community Building

·      How to set up your own indie studio

So whether you’re looking to get your foot into the door, switch up roles, or take your current career up a gear, this event is for you. At this fair you will:

·      Connect to the video game industry

·      Discover current job opportunities

·      Upskill and boost your confidence

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