Graduate Load Test Project Manager

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Canterbury, Kent

This is an opportunity to join an established team of professional, experienced Load Test Project Managers in a company specialising in online performance Monitoring and Testing. 

The role will allow you to develop a strong set of skills in Project Management and Technical Delivery in the IT industry working with a wide variety of big name clients providing a key part of their online presence and development.

Training will be given on ThinkTribe tools and processes and ongoing support will be provided to help develop a successful candidate into an effective Project Manager.

Team Structure:

The Load Test team is a part of the service delivery team of ThinkTribe. Load Test Project Managers work semi-independently, supporting one another and reporting to the Load Test Team Leader.

Graduate Load Test Project Manager Responsibilities: 

Key Responsibilities:

At ThinkTribe, LTPMs are responsible for the end to end delivery of all aspects of Load Testing projects, working with a variety of big name clients across the e-commerce space from highstreet retailers to live entertainment venues. This includes:

  • Working closely with clients to understand and deliver testing requirements on a per project basis. 
  • Ongoing high quality communication with both technical and non-technical client contacts. 
  • Providing a professional, expert presence for clients.
  • Data Analytics to create realistic testing scenarios. 
  • Technical delivery of User Journey scripts using our in house Load Testing engine (scripting in Python)
  • Carrying out Load Tests. 
  • Reporting on Load Test results and debriefing clients as appropriate. 

Additional Responsibilities:

In addition to the day to day responsibilities listed above, the Load Test team also:

  • Take part in internal development of tools.
  • Collaborate with other departments in the company to improve service delivery, develop collective knowledge and expand business opportunities through your representation of ThinkTribe.



The ideal candidate would have a personality and skill set that lends itself to effective project Management including:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (Java, C#, Python etc)
  • The ability to communicate with people of varying technical expertise both inside the company and with client contacts. 
    • Written communication – Maintaining a professional manner throughout text communications and providing expert Load Test Reports.
    • Verbal Communication – Lead and participate in calls with clients and colleagues.
  • Adaptability and flexibility. The ability to work to changing timelines and requirements are often required as we work with client sites that are still under development.
  • Analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Efficient time management and planning, able to work independently. 
  • Understanding of basic web technologies e.g. HTML, CSS etc


  • Understanding of web architecture and cloud infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of Load and Performance Testing.
  • Experience in Project Management.

Work Hours:

  • Normal work hours are 9 – 5:30 Monday to Friday with an hour lunch break
  • Additional out of hours work is often required when Load Testing for which TOIL is provided and additional rates for unsociable hours. 
  • Very occasionally, weekend testing sessions may be required. 

Starting Salary:

  • £23,000 rising to £25,000 after 6 months

Please contact for further information and an informal chat about the role,