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#SkillStructUniversityChallenge is the inaugural annual week-long Hackathon welcoming young people 18 – 26 from the UK and Beyond!

This hackathon is not exclusively for programmers and there will be three prizes:

£100 for the best program

£100 for the best presentation

£50 + SkillStruct Merch for the peoples choice award

#SkillStructUniversityChallenge Prizes

There will be lots of cool events and surprises during this week-long hackathon so come along and get involved!

What’s the hack?

The hack is to create a program or a presentation that improves what we do at the SkillStruct University Network.

When does the hackathon take place?

The hackathon will take place from the 12th to the 19th of July. The prize-giving ceremony will happen a few days after on the 23rd of July.

How do I sign-up?

Simply fill out this form here.

Competition rules

  1. Ensure you are following us on social media here.
  2. Maximum of 3 people in a team.
  3. You can only enter for the best program prize or the presentation prize, not both.
  4. Ensure you sign-up to enter the competition here.
  5. Before the presentation slides, you will need to .zip the file and upload your presentation here.
  6. Before the program demo, you will need to .zip the file and upload your program here.
  7. When you submit your presentation/program please include your name.
  8. For the programming tool, all languages are welcomed but Python and .Net are preferred.
  9. For the non-programming entry please ensure you have a presentation deck.
  10. The live demonstrations will happen on the 19th of July.
  11. The prize-giving ceremony will happen on the 23rd of July.

Program suggestions

The following are only suggestions and we welcome entries not on this list:

  1. A Dedicated Web Application for Skillstruct University.
  2. A program to format CV/Cover letters
  3. A program to import .TXT/.CSV files and format them i.e. append comas after each line.
  4. A SkillStruct University Chatbot

Non-programming suggestions

The following are only suggestions and we welcome entries not on this list:

  1. A presentation on how to improve SkillStruct University.
  2. A presentation on how to engage young people with SkillStruct University.
  3. A presentation on using social media/marketing to promote SkillStuct University.
  4. A presentation on using technology/apps in SkillStruct University.

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