Finger-Tapping Research Study – £10 Amazon voucher

Take part in this research study for the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics and receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

We are looking for British English monolinguals in a finger-tapping study. The whole study takes around 50-55 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive a £10 Amazon voucher for your time.

The experiment will take place in the Linguistic Laboratory of the Cornwallis Central building. You will be doing finger-tapping with sentences spoken in different languages, synchronising to what you perceive as the beat. It is a simple and natural task which you are likely to enjoy!

If you are 18-40 years old, and do not have any speech, language or hearing problems, or motor-related disorders, please get in touch!

Please contact Chia-Yuan Lin now ( if you are around and want to take part in the study.

Please note that we will comply with all COVID-related protocols. Both the participant and the experimenter must wear a face covering/mask all the time. The experimenter and the participant will be staying in two different rooms during the experiment to minimise the physical contact. All equipment will be sanitised between use.