Careers events week beginning 7 June 2021

Careers events week beginning 7 June

Monday 7 June

Study Plus: Editing and Proof Reading – 10.00-11.30

Editing and proofreading are transferable skills that will be valued in any job role. At work, you will need to check your own emails and reports. Your employer may also ask you to check other people’s work as part of your role. This session will give you the skills, tools and resources to check written work effectively. It is highly interactive including group discussion and practical exercises.

Selection Tests – 13.00-14.00

Often referred to as Psychometric tests, graduate recruiters often use verbal/numerical/logical reasoning, situational judgement, personality and game-based tests as part of their selection process. Find out more about these tests and to learn about Graduates First, an online facility where Kent students can practise them.

Bitesize session – Succeeding in applications – 14.30-15.00

Are you struggling to get through the application process or want to know more about the variety of methods used in selecting and recruiting candidates? Join this bitesized session for tips and techniques that can be used to maximise application success and your chance to ask questions.

Teach China Graduate Programme Information Webinar – 16.00-17.00

Opportunity China is still recruiting for the Teach China Graduate Program.
All start dates are flexible throughout the Autumn months or February 2022, reacting to changing situations and government policies in light of COVID19. As part of Opportunity China’s continued support, program participants are kept updated on the latest information regarding safety and work in China as part of our remote training and information webinars.

Tuesday 8 June

Study Plus: Personal Presence and Impact – 11.00-12.30

To introduce the concept of positive personal presence and impact and how it can benefit career development.

Postgraduate Study – 13.00-14.00

Are you considering postgraduate study? Find out about how to find courses, the application process and how to write a personal statement.

How to find a graduate job – 15.00-16.00

This session will focus on finding graduate work, including graduate schemes, graduate jobs and job-hunting methods (proactive and reactive methods), plus application tips!

More than the Badge: Ethnic Minority Community Positive Action workshop, Kent Police – 18.00-19.30

Bespoke Positive Action sessions to learn about the exciting career opportunities with Kent Police. There are two dates to chose from. Both have the same content.

Wednesday 9 June

More than the Badge: Ethnic Minority Community Positive Action workshop, Kent Police – 10.00-11.30

Bespoke Positive Action sessions to learn about the exciting career opportunities with Kent Police. There are two dates to chose from. Both have the same content.

Talk about your skills – 11.00-12.00

Employers want to hear about communication, teamwork, leadership, writing, researching, analysis, problem solving, confidence, creativity, critical reflection, global and cultural awareness, integrity and accountability, intellectual curiosity and resilience. Find out how to talk about your skills to employers.

Video Interview Skills – 13.00-14.00

As more employers use online tools in their recruitment process learn how to present yourself well in a video interview.

Study Plus: Coding for beginners SQL by FDM – 14.00-15.30

Think coding is too hard? Think again. This session will provide final year students and graduates an insight in to SQL – a coding language any data enthusiast should have in their skillset. We will provide you with a dataset and show you how to query and manipulate using an example business case.

Training to be a Teacher in the UK – 17.00-18.00

How do you become a teacher in the UK?  If you want to hear about how to get started with your research into teaching as a career then come along to this event.

Thursday 10 June

How to get started with LinkedIn – 11.00-12.00

Not joined LinkedIn? It is one of the most useful places to network. Find out to get started setting up LinkedIn with the basics

Creating a Professional Online Presence – 13.00-14.00

Have you reviewed your digital footprint, and what it says about you to employers? What online tools are you using to raise your profile? This session will help you make sure you are presenting your best digital self when job hunting.

Friday 11 June

Career Management – 12.00-13.00

Looking at 4 stages to help you plan your career; self awareness, explore opportunities, decide what to do, take action

Creating a Great CV – 13.00-14.00

This presentation will cover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a great CV and covering letter, including how to structure a CV and how to make an impact!

Study Plus: Building Resilience – 14.00-15.30

Building resilience is key! From the field of early years (0-5 years old) through education and into the professional working world, resilience is something we need to help us thrive in whatever stage of life we find ourselves and appropriately manage any challenges we may face. Most importantly resilience helps us in our personal and professional lives.

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