EMS summer Internship opportunity

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In person internship based in Herne Bay, Kent

Electronic Modular Services are a local company based in Herne Bay and are offering University of Kent students the opportunity of 2 summer internships. The internships will run for 11/12 weeks and will be paid at the adult 23+ UK minimum wage of £8.91 per hour. They will be in person internships at their buildings in Herne Bay.

You would be working with the Research and Development Team on a specific project. Most of the projects are for Engineers but there is one software development project suitable for computing students. For details of the project please email cemsemployability@kent.ac.uk.

Students can find more information on the products EMS design and manufacture here…. www.emsgroup.co.uk

And also at their parent organisation here… https://firesecurityproducts.com/en/home

To find out more please email cemsemployability@kent.ac.uk