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Junior Software Engineer (Talent Academy)


Here at Gousto, we are on a mission to become the UK’s favourite way to eat dinner! In doing so we want every meal to leave the planet better off. As a part of the Gousto team, you will get to make an impact in these areas.

Whether it is creating diversity in our recipes or building new teams, we care about our people and the opportunities they have at Gousto.

The Role

To sponsor our growth, we’re looking to welcome people starting their careers in Software Engineering. We will be bringing in Junior Software Engineers to join us as we scale our Tribes for 2021 and beyond. They will play an important role in taking our technology platform to the next level!

As a Junior Engineer at Gousto, you’ll be working closely with other members of the Engineering team, growing your knowledge and getting involved in exciting projects that will have a huge impact on the business and promote us in building a talented engineering team.

Not only this, but at Gousto we care fundamentally about helping people develop their careers and themselves in an environment that ensures they can thrive. As an early career engineer, you will be part of our GoustoTech Talent Academy. This is our home for all juniors who join, offering a focus on how we set you up for success from a skills, support and career path perspective.

A highly accommodating team with a buddying system from day one, is backed up by mentoring and structured learning pathways to ensure that you have every opportunity to become a great engineer.


Helpful skills – if you have at least some comprehension of the following, we encourage you to back yourself and let us decide if your skills are ready rather than doubting yourself as you look through this list;

  • The ability to produce well-structured, maintainable and testable code
  • Knowledge of database-focused applications (SQL, noSQL)
  • Knowledge of using popular development tools (Git, Bash/Powershell etc.)
  • Familiarity with event based systems
  • Skills working within an agile, highly-concerted team environment
  • Eagerness to develop yourself and your skills quickly through pairing with senior engineers and self-study, most of all a growth mindset.


  • Familiarity with AWS technologies
  • Enjoy working in a large distributed team with a complex domain

What we look for in a great Software Engineer candidate

Great engineering – and this is so much more than writing great code. As well as good software craftsmanship practices, you appreciate the value of thorough test coverage. You’ll know the fundamentals of great design and have knowledge of what it means to maintain your code in production.

Collaboration – we firmly believe that software is a team sport and that effective, quality solutions are delivered quickly when teams work collectively.

Ownership – agility only works with accountability. We believe in empowering teams, and hand in hand with that we expect teams a strong sense of duty and dedication from our teams.

Lean delivery – you value agility as much as you value great code. You deliver in small batches to reduce risk and create a fast feedback loop. You have a continuous improvement mindset, constantly seeking to improve your team’s processes.

Growth mindset – you are curious and are always looking to learn. You value feedback as a learning tool, and you offer constructive feedback to help your teammates improve.


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If any students have questions about the Junior hiring process for software engineering, they can reach out to stefano.deluca@gousto.co.uk.