Industry Career Talk with Q&A – George Haddad

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Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 2.30pm

George Haddes specialises in telecommunications and mobile networks, including 5G. George is a Kent alumnus and works at PA Consulting, leading on projects covering cutting-edge technology strategy and solution design on network transformation and critical national infrastructure. George will talk about career building and securing the right placements and jobs for a post-Covid world.

Q&A to follow talk.

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George is a senior consultant at PA Consulting – one the highest ranked Management Consulting firms in the UK and around the world, he specialises in telecommunications and mobile networks (5G, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0). George was responsible for delivering large scale projects with high contract values across Tier 1 operators in the UK and Europe such as Vodafone and O2 (Telefónica). Currently, he is leading a range of projects covering cutting-edge technology strategy and solution design for clients in the private and public sectors on network transformation and critical national infrastructure. He advises senior executives on how to develop their strategies to address challenges and define their long-term priorities / vision.

George is an alumnus of the university of Kent – he holds an MSc degree with Distinction in Mobile Communications Networks and was awarded the IEEE award for ‘Best MSc Project in Telecommunications Field’ for his dissertation ‘Space-time Coding and Decoding in LTE (4G)’. He was a speaker at the IEEE UK and Ireland Student and Young Professional Congress.

Outside of his professional career, George is a STEM Ambassador at The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) where he encourages and inspires young students to progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects to engineer a better world.

Being a big believer in empowering young people and professionals to create positive change within their communities, George has taken up the role of Director for Engagement & Growth at Junior Chamber International (JCI) London where he supports members to have a wider impact on their communities, cities and countries. He is also the Vice President of Mentoring at Toastmasters International where he encourages and supports members to challenge themselves to achieve their goals and build leadership and public speaking skills.

George will share his experience as a consultant in the corporate world and will talk about some of the projects and topics he has been involved in recently such as 5G technology, Digital Twin, and different transformation programmes with the public and private sectors. George will talk about his experience as a postgraduate student at the University of Kent, how he made the transition from university life to the professional / consulting world, including challenges, obstacles and successful progression throughout his career. He will also share some tips for students around finding and securing the right work experience and jobs in a post-COVID world