Work experience opportunity – student job in IT

Developer wanted who knows how to use Unity

We are History of Art’s students at the University of Kent looking for a developer to help us create a 3D art gallery for our course project.
The gallery will display the exhibition “Fascinating Fears“ that surveys representations of expressions of fears across history through
creatures that induce fright. The overall purpose of the exhibition is to reflect upon how fear induces rejection and fascination at the same time.
We are looking for a developer who knows how to use Unity, the cross-platform game engine.
The developer’s job will be:
  • To build the space of the gallery following a template provided by us.
  • To place the prints (art texture) on a virtual board
  • To create a Script (Javascript or C#) that allows a focus on the print with some description text being displayed on a double click event.
  • To place videos and text on the wall.
  • To do some light tweaking on the scene.
  • To be able to host the 3D gallery on our website

Job Spec:

The application must be able to run on a browser via Unity WebGL and must be responsive for smartphone display.
A demo scene is already ready with a movable player and some prototype prints. The project is due the end of April.
This is a great opportunity to work on an actual project and gain professional experience.
Price to discuss depending on experience.
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible, at the latest on March 12th.
We will be pleased to answer your questions and to create this project together!
Lena Hynx
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Application deadline 12 March 2021