Work experience opportunity/ part-time work for students

App testing
Verifiable Credentials Ltd

Prof David Chadwick has been working on Innovate UK funded projects to produce a Verifiable Credentials infrastructure. Verifiable Credentials are a new W3C Recommendation for the electronic equivalent of paper certificates, plastic cards (e.g. Kent One card, or bank credit cards), and personal details etc. They are now being used for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates, or COVID Passports. These certificates are held in a digital wallet on your mobile phone. Several Kent students, Dainis Grinbergs,Gurleen Vasir and Trygve Ulsnes have worked on this project during the last two years.


The University’s spin out company, Verifiable Credentials Ltd, is now responsible for the research and development. The COVID-19 certificate can be seen demonstrated here:



We now wish to test some of the new app features with members of the public.

Job Description

  • Qualifications / Training


Essential Desirable
Good marks (2.1 or 1st) so far in your Computer Science degree



  • Experience / Knowledge


Essential Desirable
Experience of performing user trials
Experience of writing mobile phone apps
Knowledge of computer security
Experience of programming



  • Skills / Abilities


Essential Desirable
Fluent in English
Good communicator, both written and spoken
Ability to work independently
Ability to work well as a team member and liaise well with internal and external collaborators


The Job

You will be employed part time for a minimum of one month (max 15 hours per week), starting ASAP.

You will be helping to run the user trials of the software with members of the public (usually family and friends).

Depending upon your skill set, you may also have the opportunity to do some programming of web sites

You will be paid the normal Intern rate per hour. You will have to complete a daily time sheet detailing your hours worked on any day, and what you did that day, and submit an invoice at the end of the month in order to paid.

To apply please send your CV and an email to Professor David Chadwick on