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January Workshops

Excel – Part 1, 18 Jan, 2.30-4pm

In today’s climate, technology influences almost everything we do. That’s why at FDM Group we are passionate about equipping students & graduates with the skills to shape our digital future.  Part one of our two – part 1 of the Excel series will explore the fundamentals of Excel by going through the implementation of formulas, referencing, tables, data cleaning, data validation and filtering. Ideal if you’re new to using the different features of Excel, or if you already have a basic understanding and looking to refresh your skills! Sign up here

Excel – Part 2, 20 Jan, 2.30-4pm

Part two of our three-part Excel series will expand on the fundamentals of Excel by going into demonstrating the value of various Excel Functions. We will be taking you through aggregation functions, logic functions and look-up functions.  Sign up here

Excel – Part 3, 22 Jan, 2.30-4pm

The final part of our three-part Excel series will cover Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and how to create your very own interactive Excel Dashboard using Excel Formulas.  Sign up here

Intro to SQL, 25 Jan, 10.30-12pm

Think coding is too hard? Think again. This session will provide final year students and graduates an insight into SQL – a coding language any data enthusiast should have in their skillset. We will provide you with a dataset and show you how to query and manipulate using an example business case.  Sign up here

HTML/CSS, 27 Jan, 10.30-12pm

We will explore the fundamentals of HTML and CSS by going through the building blocks that make up the websites you visit every day! This session is ideal if you’re completely new to coding.  Sign up here

Python, 29 Jan, 10.30-12pm

An introductory session for those looking to learn the basics of programming in Python. There is a practical demonstration for this event to allow you to follow along – so please use an online tool such as or download a python interpreter to your computer.  Sign up here