Careers events week commencing 18 January 2021

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CES Events Next Week

18th January

1pm: Are you getting the most out of your Careers Service?:

2.30pm: Where to find jobs (small group Q&A):

3pm: Ubisoft Graduate Talks – PROGRAMMING: (External event)


19th January

10am: Finding a part-time job:

11am: Ubisoft Graduate Talks – LEVEL DESIGN: (External event)

11.30am: How to find a graduate job:

3.30pm: Career Management:


20th January

11am: Succeeding in applications (small group Q&A):

11am: Ubisoft Graduate Talks – LEVEL DESIGN: (External event)

1pm: Creating a great CV:

2pm: Year-In information session:

3pm: Year in a Language (1):

3pm: Year in Computing (1):

3pm: Year in Data Analytics (1):

3pm: Year in Journalism (1):

4pm: Year in a Language (2):

4pm: Year in Computing (2):

4pm: Year in Data Analytics (2):

4pm: Year in Journalism (2):


21st January

10am: How to get started with LinkedIn:

12pm: Virtual Volunteering:


22nd January

1pm: Finding experience (small group Q&A):


Study Plus Events

Study Plus How to deal with conflict by Alvin Ramsey – 19/01/21 at 1pm:

Study Plus – Communicate with Confidence Session 1 By Leanne Davies – 21/01/21 at 2pm:

Study Plus – ASPIRE  Workshop 7 – What can you learn from your competition – 22/01/21 at 3pm: