Unicode 20/21 – your first challenge awaits!

Unicode 20/21 competition

Unicode has officially launched and students can now take part in the first challenge. Sign up today!

Compete and get noticed

Join 79 other universities and thousands of students in an online coding league by completing bi-weekly challenges, sponsored by some of the UK’s top tech employers

Win a trip to San Francisco!

Various prizes will be up for grabs throughout the competition, with the team top of the table at the end winning a trip to San Francisco

Easily join Unicode
Verify with your University email address and join safely at https://app.showcode.io
Opt in to share your profile and results with leading companies to get noticed and win more prizes.

All your data is available from your settings.

Get ready for the first challenge!!

Play in your own time

Win even more prizes from our sponsored companies
Keep track of your University league position and see how you rank against your peers along with all UK students
Know who you’re up against next and play the next challenge for points

It’s only the beginning!

Earn trophies, medals and stickers for you’re profile
Develop your skills and obtain real-world certification with our upcoming academy
Be part of an emerging and growing community and help shape the future of tech

Find out more and sign up at: www.showcode.co.uk/unicode

They have a Discord server too for students to join if they have any questions or want to collaborate with the community! https://discord.gg/fUJBrWvxhg

University of Kent has a Team and its own Discord at https://discord.gg/XRU3ugRz

To find out more about the Kent Team contact Mihail Munteanu on mm944@kent.ac.uk


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