Tate Consultancy Services Global Coding Contest



What will the format look like?

  • There are three rounds: the Pre-qualifier stage (1st December), the Qualifier stage (1st week of February) and the Grand Finale (March).

Who can join?

  • All students in the UK&Ireland, including international students, can participate
  • Students from ALL years in higher education
  • Students from ANY academic backgrounds (with an passion for coding)
  • Students graduating from 2021 and onwards

What’s in it for you?

  • Some of the main benefits include: the top 3 global winners will receive a monetary prize ($10k, $7k and $3k respectively) and the top 3 UK winners will gain the opportunity to work at TCS


How do I register?

  • Please click on the following link in order to register for participation: www.tcscodevita.comThe login page includes further information including an About section, Sample Questions and an FAQ (at the bottom of the page). Once registered, the students will be able to access instructions.

Please feel free to use the attached flyers for promotional purposes on your social media pages where possible.

Here’s a promotional Codevita video with testimonials:


“Mockvita” is a Practise Session for CodeVita, launches on November 7th. Students will be given a 24 hour window with 6 questions to solve in 6 hours and in the process will be able to familiarize themselves with the platform controls for a smoother contest experience on the actual contest day, which is scheduled on 5th Dec 2020.

Those already registered would have gotten an email about this. For those who have not registered and are interested in the competition, we would urge everyone to register before November 7th so that they are able to practise with Mockvita and boost their confidence.