Kent i-Teams – gain real world experience

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Student Initiative working with real businesses to solve real world business problems

Want to gain real world experience supporting industry partners?

The Knowledge Exchange and Innovation team, supported by Enabling Innovation, Research to Application (EIRA), have a student initiative underway called Kent i-Teams.

i-Teams involves students working in multi-disciplinary teams, with real businesses, to solves real world business issues. This 8 week programme enhances students’ networking, planning and innovation skills. They are supported by a mentor, and work with a business, for the full 8 weeks before presenting their ideas at the grand finale. We will deliver the programme in a Covid-19 secure environment meeting all requirements current at the point of delivery.

i-Teams starts on the 27th of January 2021 and attracts 15 employability points per session.

Deadline for application: 29th November 2020.

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