Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge 2020

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Mark your calendars. Registrations are now open for the annual Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge and the competition will run from October 19 to November 9, 2020! University students across the globe will attempt to code their most efficient algorithms to nine coding problems ranging from EASY to HARD. Submit your code in our in-browser editor using up to 5 different programming languages, increase your score and earn badges to be placed on our regional and global leaderboards.

The student at the top of our global leaderboard will be crowned our Global Coding Champion and walk away with a Macbook Pro. Exciting prizes also up for grabs in the other categories include the iPhone, iPad Pro and much more. In the past competitions, students who have participated in the competition and have done well have joined the Credit Suisse team on a Summer Internship or as Technology Analysts.

May the best coder win!

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