Summer Internship in School of Computing – developing a mobile app

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Throughout 2019 Prof Chadwick worked on an Innovate UK funded project to produce a Verifiable Credentials infrastructure. Verifiable Credentials are a new W3C Recommendation for the electronic equivalent of paper certificates, plastic cards (e.g. Kent One card, or bank credit cards), and personal details etc. These will all be held in a digital wallet on your laptop or mobile phone. Two Kent students, Dainis Grinbergs and Gurleen Vasir worked on this project last year.


The University has now created a spin out company Verifiable Credentials Ltd, to commercialise the research. Since then, Prof Chadwick has produced a COVID-19 certificate example implementation, which you can see demonstrated here:



Prof Chadwick has applied for additional government funding to convert the existing PC based system into a mobile phone system, and to test it with NHS staff. If the grant is awarded, then he will need a student to work with him on this project over the summer holidays.


Person Skills

  • Qualifications / Training


  Essential Desirable
Good marks (2.1 or 1st) so far in your Computer Science degree           X




  • Experience / Knowledge


  Essential Desirable
Experience of performing user trials          X
Experience of writing mobile phone apps          X
Knowledge of computer security          X
Experience of programming           X  


  • Skills / Abilities


  Essential Desirable
Fluent in English           X  
Good communicator, both written and spoken           X  
Ability to work independently           X  
Ability to work well as a team member and liaise well with internal and external collaborators           X  


The Job

You will be employed full time for a minimum of two months (and up to 4 months), starting in May after your exams have finished, and finishing at the end of September at the latest.

You will be helping to run the user trials of the software with NHS staff.

Depending upon your skill set, you may also have the opportunity to do some programming.

You will be paid the national minimum wage depending on your age. You will have to complete a monthly time sheet detailing your hours in order to be paid the following month.

To apply send your CV and cover email to