Volunteers wanted for research study

Volunteers wanted to take part in a research study investigating if employing a feedback loop improves human performance in detecting social engineering attacks. This study is part of an EPSRC funded project ACCEPT

The research study consists of three stages: A pre-study survey, experimental trial and a post-study survey.

Please complete the pre-study survey (the link can be found at the bottom of this email). This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

In order to take part in this experimental trial, you need to own and regularly use a personal computer (e.g. a laptop or a desktop PC) running Windows 10. You will be required to install the experiment application on this device only.

Once you complete the experimental trial we will contact you for the post-study survey. You will receive a £50 amazon voucher upon completion of all three stages of the research study, as compensation for your time.

Please read the participant information sheet and consent form in the pre-study survey for more details.

Please complete the pre-study survey here:

If you have any questions pleas contact Dr Tasmin Islam