Credit Suisse Coding Challenge 2019

The Global Coding Challenge is a inter-university online coding competition between students across the globe. Over 3 weeks, between 2nd Oct and 23rd Oct, students will be able to attempt solutions to 6 coding problems.

Solutions will be evaluated on efficiency and scored proportionally against solutions provided by other students.

Student can improve their code as many times as they like during the completion. At 2pm BST, 23rd October 2019, the Leader boards will lock and the Global Coding Champion will be announced.

Definitely good interview experience and helps with fast tracking to the Spring Insight week, Summer Internship and Graduate offers

How to play
Follow five simple steps to successfully complete the coding challenge:
– Register with your Github login – Sign up for the Coding Challenge, making sure to provide your Github username to be able to submit code.
– Solve questions in your own time – Work on solutions to the questions using any of Java, Python, C# or JavaScript.
– Submit your code – Push your code back to the Github repository, so that our automated testing system can evaluate how you’ve done.
– Check your score – Your code is judged against everybody else’s, and then your position on the leaderboard is determined. See how you’ve done and try to improve!
– Win prizes – At the end of the competition, the top performing students will receive various prizes!

Full details and registration at: