Holiday Extras Tech Conference

School of Computing students warmly invited to Holiday Extras Tech Conference.

It’s like any other conference but run by HX, for HX and hosted at HX HQ.

What: HX Tech Conference
When: 14 June, 9am-5pm
Where: HX campus, Hythe

The day will consist of keynotes and breakout sessions throughout the day. The conference agenda is in the making but in the past, types of talks have been like these:

Learning to learn
Contrary to pop-culture and the media, AI isn’t just about robots, self driving cars and smartphone assistants. Instead it’s a beautifully rich field of interest, using data and decision making to solve humanity’s problems. I’d like to share my enthusiasm for AI through this introductory talk, which seeks to demystify this emerging technology for everyone, irrespective of current technical knowledge.

Decentralised Applications
This talk will discuss how we can use peer-to-peer technologies to interact with (and develop) applications that do not require the user to trust any other party. There will be an introduction to blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, which is a platform for building applications that are decentralised, transparent, and resistant to manipulation; we’ll also look at a handful of apps that are built using this technology.

There are 20 spaces available for this event and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis SO, to secure your place, email visit