Search Engine giant Google visits Medway campus

Students from Canterbury and Medway campuses flock to the Pilkington Building (Medway) to hear what would be and was a fantastic insight into being a Google employee.

Mark Charsley, Google Senior Software Engineer, visited the University as part of a recruitment drive for their placement and graduate schemes. During his presentation, Mark talked about the many benefits of working for Google such as flexible working hours, the many opportunities to work with different teams across the organisations and not forgetting the chance to rack up thousands of air miles!

Head of School (Medway), Professor Ian McLoughlin said “Everyone has heard of Google. Most of us use their services every day. Many of us staff, and our students, could even be described as avid fans. But how many of us know what it’s really like working for this biggest of all tech giants? On Wednesday 7th November, we found out directly from Mark Charsley, Senior Software Engineer at Google UK. Mark kindly visited the Medway Campus of the University of Kent to tell us more about working at Google, including the range of opportunities, internships and jobs available there. His insights kept 140 Computing students fascinated for an hour and was the highlight of the term for the School of Computing at Medway. My team and I were just as intrigued and inspired as our students; but now we are looking forward to more Computing students doing an internship at Google in future.”

As Mark outlined to the students, the interview process is challenging. It consists of numerous telephone interviews, tests, panels and more. But Mark had some great tips for anyone wishing to apply to work at Google.

#Tip 1

Give these questions some thought ” Give me an example of a situation of conflict and what did you learn from it?”, “How have you managed not getting on with a member of the team?”

#Tip 2

Must read – “Cracking the coding interview”

# Tip 3

During a practical interview test, always think out loud! Talk about your thinking process.

#Tip 4

Do a Year in Industry and enter #hashcode event (the winner most often gets a tap on the shoulder for a job!)

Mark ended his presentation with a Q&A session before delighting the students with Google goodies.

For further information about placements and graduate jobs, follow this link