The Rising Age of Artificial Intelligence and Platform: Implication for Start-ups and SMEs

New extra-curricular online module: International Entrepreneurship.

Recent technological advancements such as big data, additive manufacturing (‘3D printing’), increased cyber-physical connectivity (the Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence are poised to fundamentally challenge established business theories and practices for existing firms. Many businesses will have to find new ways to leverage new technology and create value through international and cross-industry partnerships. New companies and products will emerge in this new and disruptive landscape, either to challenge existing businesses or introduce entirely new products/services. In this new era of entrepreneurship, new international start-ups are becoming increasingly important in the economic landscape because of their potential for explosive success.

At Kent Business School, we are offering one open online module (CB747 International Entrepreneurship ) through Kentplayer. This module will equip students with the practical theoretical insights to understanding the inherent business challenges and dilemmas in the new industrial age and introduce the dynamics of the new industrial revolution and the potential it brings to the new business landscape.

The key themes covered in this module include the impact of AI on organization strategy, the rising era of platform and platform entrepreneurship, the evolving nature of business models and two specific topics covering the start-up and scale-up process of international entrepreneur in the platform and AI era. The module focuses on theoretical concepts and real-life practices associated with international opportunities, to help students to identify these opportunities, the factors critical to their initial success and subsequent growth.

You can access the module content thought Facebook (search Maggie KBS). We will regularly share content relevant to AI and Platforms and you will have access to the module delivery content through Kentplayer on this Facebook page as well. If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to email Dr Maggie Zeng at for further details.