Santander Entrepreneurship Awards

The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards aim to give a financial boost to student and graduate business ventures in their early stages from UK partner universities.

How do I enter?
You will need to submit a two-minute video outlining the idea behind the business and how it came about. This will also need to be supported by a completed business model canvas (template issued by Santander) that will provide us with an insight into the inner workings of your idea or business.
Entries must be emailed to by midnight on Monday 9th April 2018.

Submit a two-minute video
Submit a completed business model canvas

Completing a Business Model Canvas
When completing your business model canvas you’ll work through nine key building blocks. These building blocks cover the four main areas of a business and will help you to create a picture of how your business intends to make money.
We’ll be judging the completed business model canvas based on the information in each of the nine areas of the canvas. Please note that each area of the canvas will be weighted equally.

Creating a two-minute video
In your video we will be looking for:
a clear explanation of your business, its purpose and an understanding of the problem that it solves for customers
an understanding of where your business or idea came from (i.e. personal challenge, as a result of studying, a past-time or hobby)
evidence of how winning the competition would help you grow your business.

Further details available at: