The Business Start-Up Journey

The Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) is an inspirational programme which brings student business start up ideas to life. The 12 week programme will provide you with a step-by-step guide to starting a business, teaching you skills that are required to be a successful entrepreneur.

The programme’s focus on innovation will enhance your employability. You will learn how to assess risk, how to turn challenges into opportunity and develop leadership, communication, presentation and team working skills. It is open to students from Kent Business School, the School of Computing and the School of Economics.

Why you should join the Business Start-Up Journey, even if you don’t want to start a business

On November 22 2017 the Business Start-Up Journey will launch for the new academic year welcoming students from the Schools of Economics, Computing and the Kent Business School.

Over 12 weeks of interactive learning, the Journey provides a step-by-step guide to starting your own business, giving you the knowledge you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

For those who don’t want to be their own boss, the Journey will improve your employability by facilitating the skills and mindsets which entrepreneurs use to be successful.

What employer wouldn’t want an employee who is used to evaluating situations to see the risks, spots the opportunities and finds innovative solutions?

Who wouldn’t want to improve their presentation, communication, teamwork and leadership skills?

Whether you want to run your own business, or want something different to put on your CV, the Business Start-Up Journey could be for you.

What is the Business Start-Up Journey

The Journey will mainly be based in the ASPIRE (Accelerator Space for Innovation and Enterprise) in the Sibson building, Canterbury, however events will take place across both the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

The Business Start-Up Journey in Six Steps

  1. Be inspired: Meet successful business people and fellow student entrepreneurs. Take part in the Ideas Hack to discover and develop your own business idea or find new partners to work with.
  1. Explore and learn: Work with business experts to learn about key business start-up areas, including market research, product launch, social media and intellectual property.
  1. Get investor-ready: Develop your business plan with one-to-one advice from our Entrepreneur in Residence and Tech Entrepreneur in Residence.
  1. Refine your strategy: Get one-to-one support and advice from our pool of successful entrepreneur mentors.
  1. Showcase your idea: Pitch your business to the experts, make valuable new connections and get the chance to win cash prizes to set up your business.
  2. Be your own boss: You’re in business! Use your newfound skills to get a first foot on the career ladder.

Find out more about how you can join the Business Start-Up Journey or email