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Canterbury is surrounded by stunning coastline on three sides offering plenty of opportunities to relax, explore and try new things. Here are some of our top coastal places to visit in East Kent, and some of the fantastic activities and attractions you can enjoy.




Whitstable is the closest seaside destination to the University of Kent. It’s so close in fact, you can cycle or walk from the Canterbury Campus to Whitstable Beach by following the Crab and Winkle Way. Known for its boutique shops, Harbour, eateries and water sports, it’s a fantastic location for a day out.

Beach Type: Pebble

Top Attractions: Whitstable Harbour, Whitstable Castle, Whitstable Beaches

Top Activities: Sailing, Paddleboarding, Windsurfing, Small Boat Racing and Boutique Shopping

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Known for being home to the UK’s only Royal Harbour and Marina, as well as its famous tunnels, nature parks and fantastic sandy beaches, Ramsgate is a great place to visit.

Beach Type: Sand

Top Attractions: Maritime Museum, Boulevard Amusements, Ramsgate Tunnels, The Micro Museum

Top Activities: Seal Watching, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Diving, Pickleball, Petanque and Boating

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Home to the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, the Shell Grotto, Dreamland and much more, Margate is a must-visit destination.

Beach Type: Sand

Top Attractions: Dreamland, Turner Contemporary, Margate Harbour Arm, Shell Grotto, Margate Old Town, Old Kent Market, Hornby Museum

Top Activities: Mini Golf, Dreamland Rides and Amusements, Exploring Art Galleries, Shopping, Eating/Drinking

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The picturesque and charming town of Broadstairs is packed with character and is a fantastic place to relax on the beach with friends.

Beach Type: Sand

Top Attractions: Crampton Tower, Broadstairs BandstandDickens House Museum, Bleak House Museum, Broadstairs Water Gala

Top Activities: Surfing, Relaxing, Eating/Drinking, Coastal Walks, Exploring Museums

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Known for its iconic white cliffs, Dover is home to a wide range of activities and attractions, offering plenty to see and do.

Beach Type: Shingle and Pebbles

Top Attractions: White Cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle, South Foreland Lighthouse, Fan Bay Deep Shelter, Banksy Mural, De Bradelei Wharf

Top Activities: Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding, Jet Skiing,  Exploring the Castle and Landmarks, Coastal Walking, Shopping

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