Student Spotlight | Molly Smith – BSc Mathematics

Molly shares her experiences studying BSc Mathematics at the University of Kent.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Kent?

When I first came to the Kent Open Day, it was the first one I had been to where I could imagine myself studying here.

What is the best thing about studying in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science?

The lecturers want you to do well just as much as you do. They are all so willing to help and support. I’ve never had to wait for an office hour, they all have an “open door” kind of policy.

What has been your favourite topic/module on your course?

My favourite module so far has been Applications of Mathematics in Stage 1.

What have you found most interesting on your course?

Being able to find out the colour of a polar bear by knowing how long it took to reach the ground after it has fallen off a cliff.

Have you found the School to be supportive? If so, how has the School supported you?

Revision Break food. Sweets to hand in coursework. Lecturers being available to help.

What do you think of the Sibson Building? What do you think the Building means for students within the School?

I don’t know how I survived first year without Sibson! It’s the perfect place to study, revise and work on assessments with lecturers walking past and willing to help. Sibson is place to work and study with friends, with the support of lecturers a few doors away.

Can you sum up your course in three words?

Challenging. Rewarding. Exciting.

Would you recommend studying at Kent?

Definitely! The atmosphere around the School is exciting. There’s always something to get involved with and all of the lecturers and staff are so supportive and kind.

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