Reduced Offers Explained

At Kent, applicants for undergraduate degrees in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) receive a number of benefits if they select Kent as their First Choice on UCAS, including Reduced Offers…but what is a Reduced Offer?

What does Reduced Offer mean?

A Reduced Offer is the offer we make to applicants who select Kent as their Firm Choice on UCAS. The Reduced Offer lowers the grade requirements for two of the subjects in the Standard Offer, whilst maintaining the A in Mathematics requirement. In practice it looks like the following:

BSc Actuarial Science/with a Year in Industry

Standard Offer: AAA (including A in Mathematics)
Reduced Offer:
ABB (including A in Mathematics)

MMath Mathematics

Standard Offer: AAB (including A in Mathematics)
Reduced Offer:
ABC (including A in Mathematics)

BSc Mathematics/with a Year in Industry, BSc Financial Mathematics/with a Year in Industry, BSc Mathematics and Statistics/with a Year in Industry and BA Mathematics and Accounting and Finance

Standard Offer: ABB (including A in Mathematics)
Reduced Offer:
ACC (including A in Mathematics)

The Reduced Offer does not apply to our Foundation Year programmes.

Why do we have Reduced Offers?

We introduced Reduced Offers to help support the talented mathematicians who feel that Kent is the right university for them.

We want all of our applicants to be able to achieve their very best in A Level Mathematics (or equivalent) and to alleviate some of the pressure associated with achieving high grades in other subjects that aren’t required for our degrees. 

In addition to our Reduced Offers, we also provide our Firm Choice applicants with access to a range of other benefits including A Level Mathematics revision materials and support, ensuring that every Firm Choice applicant has the best possible chance of achieving an A in Mathematics. Click here to learn more about our benefits for Firm Choice applicants.


Are Reduced Offers available for applicants who select Kent as their Insurance Choice?

Reduced Offers are only given to applicants who select a mathematical sciences degree from Kent as their Firm Choice on their UCAS Track. Reduced Offers do not apply to applicants who select Kent as their Insurance Choice.


What happens if an applicant doesn’t meet their Reduced Offer?

Ahead of A Level Results Day, we review every single application. If an applicant just misses their Reduced Offer, we’ll look at their application and make the best decision we feel is appropriate for that applicant. If the applicant has narrowly missed their Reduced Offer, it is likely that we will accept them onto their chosen programme.

If the applicant hasn’t results they were expecting, we may offer one of our Foundation Year programmes instead, providing them with the opportunity to come to university, develop their mathematics skills along with other key skills, learn some university-level mathematics, and settle in before progressing to their chosen degree. If we make an alternative offer, we will contact the applicant on Results Day to discuss the new offer and answer any questions they have.


Any other questions?

If you have any questions about our Reduced Offers, contact our friendly Admissions Team.