Summer internships and employability skills

A view over Edinburgh
  "daniil-vnoutchkov-c_s23W8ZqFg-unsplash" by Daniil Vnoutchkov.

Trinn Brisley (Stage 3 BSc Mathematics) spent summer 2019 as an intern in the Finance Division of Aberdeen Standard Investments, an asset management company based in Edinburgh.

During the internship Trinn had the opportunity to discover different sectors within finance, such as financial reporting, tax and audit. Not only this, he was able gain insights into various different areas within the firm including equity research, market and credit risk, quant equity, actuarial, distribution and many more areas.

Trinn’s coworkers were more than happy to talk to him about their division, often going out of their way to talk to him about their recent projects. These insights where extremely helpful as they allowed him to learn about day to day activities, which were often different from those implied by their job titles. He commented “This experience massively influenced my career aspirations. Overall I would strongly recommend applying for summer internships. Not only do you get an insight into many areas within your chosen field, but get to experience living in a different location for the summer.”