Solution for Dr Daniel Bearup’s Christmas Maths Puzzle is now live

Dr Daniel Bearup, Lecturer in Mathematics at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, has released the solution to his Maths Christmas Puzzle: ‘Counting the cost of the twelve days of Christmas’.

The puzzle, available below, presented a fun challenge for those looking to solve something a little more mentally stimulating than a Christmas cracker joke over the festive period.

Counting the cost of the twelve days of Christmas

Being a romantic at Christmas time, you want to replicate the gifts given in the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to woo your true love. You have discovered that each group of gifts of the same type cost the same amount, for example, the 12 partridges in pear trees will cost the same as the 22 turtle doves. Given that each individual item has its own price (in pounds and pence) what is the minimum you can expect to pay in total?

The solution to the puzzle can be found here: