SMSAS academics awarded funding for conference on ‘Migration and Movement in Ecology’


School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) academics Dr Daniel Bearup, Lecturer in Mathematics, Dr Eduard Campillo-Funollet, Lecturer in Statistics, Dr Eleni Matechou, Senior Lecturer in Statistics, and Dr Bruno Santos, Lecturer in Statistics, have been awarded £3000 organise a workshop on Migration and Movement in Ecology.

The funding has been awarded by the University of Kent’s Migration and Movement signature research theme, which aims to expand understanding of migration beyond the movement of people, to include the migration of pathogens, monies, technologies, cultures, scriptures, coffee, drugs, medicines, labour, and ideas.

The Migration and Movement in Ecology conference, hosted by academics in SMSAS, will focus on applications of mathematics and statistics in movement ecology, with a view to identifying opportunities for collaborations across the broader remit of the Migration and Movement theme, both within the University of Kent and the wider academic community.