Peer Support for Stage 2 Students

Peer mentors

Need additional support with your studies? Drop-in and see our peer mentors!

Stage 2 Students who attended peer mentoring in 2019/2020 achieved grades 9.5% higher than students who didn’t attend. All modules and subject areas are supported, including Mathematics, Statistics, Finance and Actuarial Science.

The sessions take place in the SMSAS Student Centre (Sibson, Room 233) and the schedule for the Autumn term is as follows:

Wednesday: 1000-1100 (All Stage 2 modules)

Thursday: 0900-1000 (Stats + Act Sci modules)

Friday: 1200-1300 (Maths + Stats modules)

If you have any other questions about the scheme, please contact the CEMS Student Success and Attainment team at