Kent and Innovision IP secure £198k Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding to improve brain damage detection

The Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences have recently been awarded funding of £198,550 to work with Innovision IP on an exciting two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project.

Innovision IP is the world’s first commercial provider of a software diagnostic service that detects the presence and location of brain damage in patients with either traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimers or Epilepsy with a much higher degree of accuracy and speed than the structural imaging tools used in hospitals (CT or MRI scans). The company processes data from MEG (Magnetoencephalography) scanners – the only scanners to detect brain injuries with 86%+ accuracy. Innovision IP works with a range of clients from professional and amateur sports players, military personnel, victims of accidents amongst others.

Professor Jian Zhang (Professor in Statistics in School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science), previously worked with Professor Gary Green, the Chief Scientific Director and Co-Founder of Innovision IP, as colleagues at the University of York on a joint grant application and research publication. When the opportunity for Jian, together with Dr Peng Liu, arose to support Innovision IP in increasing the statistical performance of their software, they decided to explore a KTP. The project was developed to enable Innovision IP to increase their statistical methods, improving the accuracy of brain injuries alongside Alzheimers and Epilepsy. The project will lead to a new clinical diagnostic product with 95% accuracy which Innovision IP hopes will capture a large share of the current $13m annual brain scanning market.

Professor Jian Zhang has focused his research on MEG neuroimaging since 2008. Jian will be bringing his extensive expertise in MEG inverse modelling, machine learning and MEG time series analysis to the project. Peng has wide-ranging experience in the field of data imaging and his expertise in fMRI in particular will directly benefit the KTP.

Congratulations to Jian on this achievement! This KTP will be our first with a virtual company. Innovate UK invited virtual companies to apply for KTPs last year. For further information on KTPs please contact Clare Witcher