Innovative autonomous reception coming to Sibson

The Sibson building will be introducing an autonomous reception for the start of term.

After months of trials and development, Sibson will be using a new, innovative reception to streamline user experience from September 2022. We spoke to CEMS Project Management Officer, Craig Hodgson, about the transition.

“In late 2021/early 2022 we made the decision to focus on an autonomous reception, taking away the need for a receptionist. We trialled the effectiveness of a receptionist and learnt that most questions were very simple, most of which can be addressed with appropriate signage. Of course, we cannot assume all questions will be the same and therefore, we’ve provided a touch screen tablet which hosts a zoom call with the main reception for CEMS in Cornwallis South, all at the touch of a button. Additionally, a SIP phone was installed, which once picked up will auto-dial to the same reception in Cornwallis, which appeals to those not wanting to engage in a video call. Being a division that surrounds itself with engineering, computing and other impactful research, this idea presented the chance for a new technological approach to receptions”.

The reception will be outside Sibson G.38, professional services.