Dr Clelia Pech Spoke at British Mathematical Colloquium

Lecturer in Mathematics, Dr Clelia Pech, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Kent, spoke at the British Mathematical Colloquium at Lancaster University.

Clelia presented a talk titled, ‘Geometry of Rational Curves on Some Varieties With a Lie Group Action’.


In this talk I will describe a family of algebraic varieties with actions of Lie groups which are closely related to homogeneous spaces (which for instance include projective spaces, quadrics, Grassmannians). After describing the geometry and the orbit structure of these varieties, I will explain how to understand rational curves on these varieties, as well as an algebraic structure encoding the intersection theory of these curves, called the quantum cohomology ring. This is joint work with R. Gonzales, N. Perrin, and A. Samokhin.

For more information, visit the British Mathematical Colloquium website.