Crowning glory: Dental patient system wins Start Up Final 

The Business Start Up Journey pitching finals took place on Wednesday 29 March at the University’s Sibson Building.

Twelve student businesses went head-to-head in a bid for the top prize of £1,000 for their business.

Judges were CEO of Dune Daniel Rubin, Former KBS student and fashion entrepreneur Emay Enemokwu, Laura Bounds MBE owner of Kent Crisps and Nadia Simpson (also known as Ewura-Esi) a former KBS and ASPIRE student who runs haircare brand, Nu Elefa.

The Judges. Pictures by Ian Scammell

Maths and statistics student Seth Mashate was announced winner, with his business Data Ravens, a patient management system to optimise business performance in dental practices.

He said: ‘In the healthcare industry, they aren’t utilising data to the best of their ability. Data Ravens offers sophistication that is currently being used in other industries within their practices.

‘Dental practices collect so much information but they don’t have the time to use any of it, to track their recall rates. What my company will do is alleviate that data training.  o

‘It felt great to win, I wasn’t very experienced in public speaking, so the experience was invaluable. Irrespective of what happens today, nothing should stop the other businesses procuring business, they all have potential.’

Runners up were BSc Computing student Korben Mabbs with his home security surveillance device for student halls and Kent Business School student, Patrick Ubuane with myskillconnect, a portal for creatives in Nigeria to connect with one another.

The top three. Pictures by Ian Scammell

Patrick said: ‘It feels so good to come runner up, I put in so much work to do this and it’s great to be validated and recognised in this way.’

External Engagement Manager Rebecca Smith, who oversees ASPIRE said: ‘Pitching finals is a snapshot of just some of the amazing students we have worked with over the year and once again the diversity of businesses being presented is really phenomenal.

It’s so exciting to be working with these amazing entrepreneurs who have such brilliant ideas and such passion to help make the world a better place. It makes me feel very optimistic for the future – something that’s really needed right now!”