Andy Hone awarded funding from Ambassade de France au Royaume Uni and British Council

British and French flags

Professor Andy Hone, Professor of Mathematics at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, has been awarded funding from the Ambassade de France au Royaume Uni and the British Council to hold a two-day Seed Funding meeting.

The meeting, due to take place in October 2022, aims to encourage France-UK collaboration. It will bring together 14 participants from the two countries to prepare bids for larger funding applications to support a trans-European project entitled Integrable lattices and soliton gases: from continuous to discrete, and from classical to quantum.

The participants are: Professor Pol Vanhaecke (Poitiers, French Lead Researcher), Professor Andy Hone (Kent, UK Lead Researcher), Dr Andrea Brini (Sheffield/CNRS Montpellier), Dr Mattia Cafasso (Angers), Professor Guido Carlet (Bourgogne), Professor Tamara Grava (Bristol/SISSA, Italy), Professor Sara Lombardo (Loughborough), Professor Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds), Professor Sophie Morier-Genoud (Reims Champagne Ardenne), Dr Vladimir Novikov (Loughborough), Professor Valentin Ovsienko (CNRS Reims), Professor Vladimir Roubtsov (Angers), Professor Jing Ping Wang (Kent), and Dr Pavlos Xenitidis (Liverpool Hope).

Further information is available here: