Dr Jim Shank Gave a Talk at the Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting

Reader in Mathematics, Dr Jim Shank, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) at the University of Kent, presented at the Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting in June.

Jim delivered a talk titled,’Modular Representations and Invariants of p-Groups’ at the Summer Meeting which took place in Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada.


Invariant Theory seeks to construct polynomial functions with specified symmetry. I will discuss some current research in the modular case, i.e., when the characteristic of the field of coefficients is a prime number p which divides the order of the symmetry group.

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Dr Jim Shank

Reader in Mathematics

Jim is a Reader in Mathematics and is one of the School’s Undergraduate Academic Admissions Officers. His research interests include invariant theory of finite groups and related aspects of commutative algebra, algebraic topology and representation theory.