Dr Matteo Casati spoke at a Mathematical Physics Meeting in Italy

Research Associate in Mathematics, Dr Matteo Casati, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) at the University of Kent, spoke at the Italian Meeting of Mathematical Physics.

Matteo presented a talk in October titled, ‘Poisson cohomology for differential and difference operators’ at the Meeting held in Montecatini Terme, Italy.



Integrable partial differential and difference equations can both be written in terms of a suitable class of Poisson brackets – they can be regarded, as in the finite-dimensional case, as defined by Poisson bivectors on some manifold, or as differential, pseudodifferential or shift operators. I will present some results about the cohomology of the Lichnerowicz complex, which plays a fundamental role for classifying not equivalent deformations and compatible brackets.

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Dr Matteo Casati

Research Associate in Mathematics

Matteo joined the School in May 2018 from Loughborough University where he was carrying out postdoctoral research as a Marie Curie Fellow. His previous positions and PhD studies were undertaken in Italy. He currently collaborates with Professor Jing Ping Wang. Matteo’s research interests include geometry and mathematical physics, specifically integrable systems, Frobenius manifolds, and nonlinear waves.