Technology and software you’ll need for online study

Headset for computer or games console incorporating ear-buds and a microphone

I’d recommend that both new and returning students check the web page published recently by the University’s Information Services department entitled “Tech and software for online study”

It’s worth adding that a webcam, if you’re using a device that doesn’t have one, is pretty much essential too, unless you fancy using your smartphone as the camera. Relatively few desktop PCs have a webcam as part of the standard configuration but some screens have them built in.

You’re also very likely to benefit from a comfortable headset i.e. ear-buds or headphones with microphone. Gaming headsets will usually work. Headsets tend to connect via USB but the set shown in this blog entry’s headline image** uses a 3.5 mm jack. Not all devices will have these.

** Not a recommendation: user needs and preferences will be highly variable


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