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Margot Laureau’s Bench is revealed today as Herne Bay Exhibition opens

Creative Events Student has her Bookcase Bench proudly installed on Herne Bay’s seafront as part of a new series of installations.

The Exhibition, held at Beach Creative in Herne Bay opens today, Weds 17th September, which features a series of benches created by individual local artists.

Margot on her bench

Margot Laureau, a third year student at the School of Music and Fine Art, was one of the artists selected through a ‘Peoples Millions’ supported competition by Canterbury City Council, to design and produce a bench that will be positioned along Beach Street in the beautiful coastal town, Herne Bay. We featured her work on the bench a few months ago, how it is created by books and drawings of the area, and now the bench is fully installed awaiting the grand opening and exhibition.

Margot is delighted with her Bookcase Bench:

Herne Bay has a lot to say through its architecture, history and people. The bench I made was built on this idea of creating an installation where I tell all about the treasures I have discovered as I learn about this town. I thought about doing something with books. Books represent knowledge and culture. Nowadays, people are using books less; they use I-pads, laptops or other machines instead. In few years time books or paper may be obsolete.   Although it is made of wood, the bench is the shape of multiple piles of books. It is my recreation of a library. Marcel Duchamp, who spent time in Herne Bay over 100 years ago, inspired me with his ready-made pieces of work.
I want people to know how the town developed during the last few hundred years. I decided to illustrate stories and the history of Herne Bay on the ‘bookcase’ I have done.
If you have the time to visit it, you will be able to see famous monuments built around the town, such as the Clock Tower, the Pier, The Memorial Park, Herne Bay Market and much more. The drawings include people at play.
I would like the audience, who will sit on the bench, to be reminded of all the little details, made by real facts that happened in Herne Bay but also mixed in with some fantasy drawings that add poetry and humour.
The bench is made of wood, paper, ink, and vanish.  A resin is going to be put on the top at the end of the month to make it stronger.

bench close up 2bench close up 1

You can view more images on Margot’s hard work and the production of the bench on the School of Music and Fine Art’s Facebook page.

Visit Margot Laureau’s website.

The Beach Creative website.

Images courtesy of Greg Davidson Photography.

Globus Hystericus takes Electroacoustic Music and Video Art to Athens

Tim Howle and Nick Cope will be performing Globus Hystericus during the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Greece this September.

Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Internationalisation at the School of Music and Fine Art, Tim Howle, and Nick Cope  of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University are attending the special event in Athens, Greece from 14-20 September 2014.

Globus Hystericus combines Electroacoustic Music and Video Art and is a piece of audio-visual work that utilises the two media in an equitable way. The principles of acousmatic music are extended to incorporate parallel ideas found in video art.

By taking these ideas beyond simple underpinning or reinforcement, the sounds are imbued with multiple meanings. The piece exploits post-acousmatic possibilities and examines the creative relationships between visual and audio material in terms of hybridisation by establishing an equitable, collaborative, approach typified by Chion’s ‘audio-visual contract’

Further details of the conference are available on the ICMC website.

Sophie Dixon exhibits at Turner Contemporary as Graduate Platform Award

Sophie Dixon

Sophie is one of the 9 artists exhibiting at the Turner Contemporary as part of the Platform Graduate Awards 2014.

Sophie Dixon Turner Contemporary
“The refugee, the displaced person, the migrant is the emblematic figure representing ‘the quintessential experience of our time’” John Berger

Over the past century, war, population transfers, shifting borders and globalisation have resulted in an increasingly displaced existence, discordant with our need to locate ourselves within idealised and stable surroundings.

Working with video, Sophie Dixon explores the complex dialogues created between ourselves and our external environment, dialogues which are constantly reshaped as we traverse the fragile spaces of memory to find our own sense of belonging in the present.

Sophie Dixon 2

Claire Orme Graduate Platform Award Turner Contemporary 2014

Claire Orme

Claire has been selected as one of the 9 emerging artists who will be exhibiting her work in the Turner Contemporary, Margate, as part of their prestigious Platform Graduate Award, 2014

Claire Orme Turner Contemporary
Claire Orme investigates the histories and secrets etched within and upon spaces and objects, attempting to unlock the landscape of mysteries hidden by the conventional methods of experiencing the world. The structural framework of certain objects and locations can absorb energies and memories as time passes, and through their personification and sonification, Orme attempts to discover their concealed stories.

Orme holds an innate desire to believe in something beyond the physical world, expressed through her pursuit to uncover the unseen – to see the invisible and to hear the silent. Her practice is research-led, using archived material, interviews, the internet and personal experience to examine and explore specific moments, people and eras within our history. These narratives are transported into the present through a meticulous interlacing of fact and fiction.

The scenarios that Orme, and her alter-egos, invent reference disparate moments in space and time and endeavor to create arenas in which people can communicate both with the work and with each other. This idea of communication is a wider concern in her practice, examined through appropriating connections between technology and spirituality and exploring the blending of human and machine. As Orme’s work responds to and explores the location that it exists in, it can take on many manifestations, embracing installation, sound, video, sculpture, music and performance.


Tim Meacham and Adam Chodzko have got the ‘Moves’

Celebrating the Extraordinary World of Mobile Art Vehicles – ‘Art Moves’ at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Tim and Adam displayed their vehicles.

Ghost - Adam Chodzho The Drawing Carriage Tim Meacham

Art Moves is a celebration of the extraordinary world of mobile art vehicles at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Bringing together twenty-five of the most ingenious and inventive art vehicles, Art Moves offers a unique showcase of mobile architecture and art as part of London’s Open House weekend and the Park’s arts and culture programme. This collection of vehicles which was selected by invitation and open call, is a visual experience that also prompts further thought into some of society’s most pressing issues such as sustainability, new modes of architecture and transport, and how we interact with one another.

Fine Art lecturers Tim Meacham and Adam Chodzko both exhibited their works during the event.

Tim Meaham:The Drawing Carriageby Tim Meacham is a pedal powered vehicle designed to allow the passenger to engage in a “powered stroll”, exploring and enjoying outdoor spaces at a leisurely pace. The Carriage is mounted on a tricycle chassis and steered and powered from the back, allowing the passenger an uninterrupted view and giving the “front seat top deck of bus” experience, with a live ‘soundscape experience’. The passenger is encouraged to document their journey using a drawing apparatus mounted on the bench. The apparatus is connected to an arm that traces the terrain over which the carriage moves, transferring the undulations and texture of the ground to the surface of the drawing. The journey becomes part of the drawing, which the passenger is invited to keep as a memento.
View The Drawing Carriage Video
View the Facebook image gallery

Adam Chodzko:
‘Ghost’ by Adam Chodzko
is a custom-built wooden two-man kayak inspired by the artist’s work around Deadman’s Island, so named after being used as a burial site for the bodies of convicts who were imprisoned within the hulks, moored in nearby Swale throughout 19th Century. ‘Ghost’ is a vehicle for visiting the dead – the passenger is positioned low and flat within the vessel – as though being lain to rest in a coffin and paddled to their final destination. A camera records each trip from the bow, creating a unique film archive. For ‘Art Moves’ the artist will undertake a series of new journeys within the Olympic Park, visiting sites along the waterways that allude to past uses and histories.

Read more about Art Moves at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Stour Valley Arts Residency for Fine Art students

This month sees Nadeen Adbulla and Maegan Newbury, who were awarded the prestigous artist residency with Stour Valley Arts take their place in the Forest Studio.

stour valley arts

The University of Kent, School of Music and Fine Art and the Stour Valley Arts work closely together to provide exciting opportunities for upcoming artists to undertake residencies in their newly converted Forest Studio on the edge of King’s Wood, Challock in Kent.

This month, the successful student artists take their place among the wildlife for two weeks in order to undertake a series of self-directed work as part of this fantastic opportunity with Stour Valley Arts in their new residency environment.

Maegan and Nadeen were awarded the residency amid a high level of applicants, there were over 150 artists vying for the chance to enjoy this unique and rewarding process-led opportunity that helps students build their artist experience in a ‘real-world’ setting that goes beyond the gallery space, as well as the thrill of  working and living in the forest.  This opportunity comes as part of the the Fine Art degree programme at the School and supports the module ‘Place and Site’.


It is with great pleasure that this year we are able to offer residencies to two students who thrived through the process of ‘Place & Site’. Nadeen and Maegan will have the opportunity to use Forest Studio and King’s Wood as their testing ground for 2 weeks. – Forest Studio and SVA

Read more
Forest Studio
Stour Valley Arts
Interested in applying for Artist Residency 2015?

Sarah Turner successfully secures new film project -Public House

Sarah Turner has secured a film development award in order to undertake a new long term shape shifting film project.


Sarah Turner Sarah Turner, Beatrice Gibson and Larissa Sansour have become the latest artists to secure development support through FLAMIN Productions. Selected from over ninety proposals, the artists’ exciting new long-from projects impressed the expert panel and won them the unique opportunity to participate in a funded development phase- an essential period for artists to refine ideas and acquire the skills and contacts to realise work to their best potential.

At the end of the development phase, the three projects will be considered for production support – with £100,000 available to support the successful work.

In addition to their outstanding creative quality, a key characteristic shared by the awarded projects and artists is the potential they have to benefit from the period of mentoring and financial support offered by this development stage. A fact that boosts their chances of securing production funding when the time comes.

Sarah Turner – Public House

Public House  fuses fact and fiction in a multi layered exploration of memory, community and social reinvention.  Activated in response to the community takeover of the Ivy House pub, London, SE15, this feature length work for cinemas is a shape shifting genre hybrid that moves from observational document to minimalist opera. Interweaving testament, performance poetry and an innovative soundscape that fuses acousmatic composition and verbatim librettos, the film explores individual and cultural memory and its resonance in shaping social spaces.

About FLAMIN Productions

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, FLAMIN Productions is a unique commissioning scheme which goes beyond simply producing work – it is committed to nurturing talent and supporting innovative artists in their professional growth.

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New ‘Platform Series’ music events return for 2014/5

School of Music and Fine Art are starting the new academic year with a swing and launching our new musical Platform Series for 2014/15

Kent Platform Series Poster

  • Autumn Term: 20th October to 15th December
    Mondays 4-5pm, Wednesdays 12-1pm
  • Spring Term: 9th February to 10th April

This year our programme expands to include two regular weekly live performance events, at the Medway Campus. There will be showcases from student performers across a wide spectrum of genres and material by student composers/songwriters, including both solo and ensemble and band sets. There will also be a number of invited performances by both invited guest artists and our own renowned and high profile instrumental and vocal Tutors.

Performances are open to the public and take place in the Galvanising Shop on the Dockyard.

If you are visiting from outside the Department, please contact for event information.

Download the Platform Series Poster

Margot’s Benchmark Success

Creative Events student Margot Laureau, recently won a competition to design and create a unique bench as part of a project led by Canterbury City Council.

Margot's Bench

The project has been made possible after Herne Bay was awarded £50,000 by the ITV Peoples’ Millions initiative to improve its sea front and to help improve the accessibility and facilities near the beach at Herne Bay.

Margot began the design and creation of the bench in July. After a few initial design ideas, her final imaginative creation features a selection of drawings of Herne Bay’s historic landmarks, including its clock tower, as well as a number of her own drawings which depict the history of the seaside. She wanted to portray the town’s architectural and artist heritage.

With the support of the staff at the School, she started this project last month and it is now at Herne Bay, waiting for it’s grand opening. Margot’s bench will be one of six other independent commissions created by local artists and installed on the sea front in 2014.

A special launch event will also officially unveil the six benches to the public.

View Margot’s progress on our Facebook page

Fine Art graduates exhibit as emerging talent in Kent Degree Show

School of Music and Fine Art graduates of 2014, Sophie Dixon, Michael Sullivan and Claire Orme represent the University of Kent in a county-wide Degree Show.


01 August – 13 September
Private View Thursday 31 July  6–8pm

Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery,
Buckhurst Lane,
TN13 1LQ      

The Sun_film still for Kent Degree Show
Credit: “The Sun” (film still), 2013, Piotr Sitko.

Following the success of the School of Music and Fine Art end of year Degree Show 2014, three students have been selected to go forward and represent the school in an exhibition showcasing emerging talent across Kent.

The Kent Degree Show will exhibit a selection of work from Kent’s 2014 Fine Art graduates. The exhibition includes student’s work from Canterbury Christ Church University, K College, University of Kent, and University for the Creative Arts.

Exhibiting artists: Jemma Braidwood, Sophie Dixon, James Duck, Verity Hunt, Josephine Mankelow, Shona McGovern, Simon Merrifield & Claire Orme, Timothy Noble, Maggy Rodd, Piotr Sitko, Diane Smalley and Michael Sullivan.

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery is a contemporary space run by Kent County Council to show new and experimental work from local artists.

The exhibition is free to visitors and runs from 01 August – 13 September.


KCC art council