Call for Papers – Special Issue GPIR


Special Issue of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 

(De)Valuing Animals: Intergroup Perspectives on Human-Animal Relations

Guest Editors: Kristof Dhont (University of Kent), Gordon Hodson (Brock University), Steve Loughnan (University of Edinburgh), and Catherine Amiot (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Submission deadline: April 1, 2018

Until recently, social psychologists have largely overlooked the study of human-animal relations because it was considered irrelevant for our understanding of human behavior and relations between ‘traditional’ groups (based on differences in race, gender, sexuality, etc). Relying on intergroup theorizing, this Special Issue will show that how people treat and think about animals is implicated in many aspects of daily life including intergroup relations, the dehumanization of other people, dietary choices, psychological well-being, and moral decisions. It will also reveal which aspects of human-animal interactions are unique to this particularly intergroup context. The aim is to advance our understanding of (1) how people perceive and think about animals as a social outgroup (or multiple outgroups), (2) why people love and care about animals, yet also eat and exploit them, and (3) the implications of exploitative and compassionate attitudes and behaviors towards animals for human intergroup relations, interpersonal relations, and psychological well-being.

We will welcome submissions focusing on the role of social, (cross-)cultural, ideological, or motivational factors underlying human-animal relations with any research approach (experimental, correlational, applied), provided that the manuscript takes an intergroup perspective. Manuscripts appropriate for submission report quantitative research. Qualitative research may under exceptional circumstances be considered as an accompaniment to, or when supported by, substantial quantitative findings.

Manuscripts (between 5000-8000 words) should be prepared in accordance with APA publication guidelines as described in the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.). For full submission guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted using the regular GPIR online system,, specifying that the submission is for the special issue on (De)Valuing Animals: Intergroup Perspectives on Human-Animal Relations.

Please direct any inquiries (e.g., suitability, format, scope, etc.) about this Special Issue to the guest editors: Kristof Dhont (, Gordon Hodson (, Steve Loughnan (, and Catherine Amiot (