Careers events week beginning 17 May

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Monday 17 May

Negotiation Skills Workshop – Study Plus, 12.00-13.30

A 90 minute workshop that will make a real impact on your ability to negotiate the best deals, help others and deliver real value. You’ll be practicing negotiation but you’ll also be observing others negotiate, providing you an opportunity to explore why negotiators behave in the way they do and delve into your own behaviours as they appear to others.

90 minutes is perfect to introduce the fundamentals of Negotiation Practice through simple scenarios generated using Negotiation Cards and allows for feedback and reflection.

Networking online – 13.00-14.00

Learning how to network effectively is one of the most powerful tools an individual can use to advance their personal and professional life. This skill could possibly help you land your dream job and become close with the leaders in your industry. This workshop will cover the benefits of networking, how to prepare for an online event and how to get the most out of networking.

BAE Systems – Opportunities in Procurement – 14.00-15.00

As a Procurement or Supply Chain specialist, you are critical to ensuring our projects are successfully delivered to time, cost and quality standards. You could be involved in developing or delivering strategies and plans, or the associated engagement and management of suppliers, projects and other stakeholders to deliver project/business objectives. You could also be involved in the purchasing of necessary equipment for projects or could be undertaking governance activities to identify areas for improvement. This presentation will tell you more about our company, the roles we offer, how to apply and what it’s like working in procurement. There will also be a short Q&A session at the end.

Bitesize session – Where to find jobs – 15.00-15.30

Do you have questions about where to find graduate jobs? Join this bitesized session to hear about job hunting resources, networking, social media recruiting, speculative applications and how to focus your job search.

Tuesday 18 May

Finding Disability confident employers – 11.00-12.00

Employers are showing more and more that they are inclusive, and positive about creating a diverse workforce. What should you look for in an employer? This session will help you find disability confident employers and what to look for when considering applying for a job or placement.

Developing resilience in the recruitment process – 13.00-14.00

What is resilience in relation to the recruitment process and steps to develop this vital skill

Creating a great CV – 16.00-17.00

This presentation will cover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a great CV and covering letter, including how to structure a CV and how to make an impact!

Considering a career in Financial Services – 18.00-19.00

Hear insight from a leading North East firm about the financial advice profession and just why it’s a fantastic time to consider training to work within financial services. This informative webinar will explore the daily responsibilities of a Financial Adviser, discuss the various roles within financial services and outline the necessary skills required. Finally, we will discuss how Lowes Academy can help you achieve your goal of becoming a Financial Adviser.

Wednesday 19 May

How to get started with LinkedIn – 11.00-12.00

Not joined LinkedIn? It is one of the most useful places to network. Find out to get started setting up LinkedIn with the basics

Virtual Assessment Centres – 13.00-14.00

A virtual assessment centre might sound daunting. But you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not that different from your standard assessment centre. This session will cover how virtual assessment centres work and how best to prepare for one

Coding for Beginners: HTML?CSS by FDM – Study Plus – 14.00-15.30

We will explore the fundamentals of HTML and CSS by going through the building blocks that make up the websites you visit every day! This session is ideal if you’re new to coding altogether or want to practice.

Spotlight on the Intern and Aspire experience at Microsoft – 16.00-17.30

Are you a student who is interested in finding out more about our early in career programmes at Microsoft? Then look no further! This webinar to help you understand what the programmes looks like, what our early in career have experienced and the immense journey we have embarked on.

Thursday 20 May

Study Plus – Can I say that? An introduction to inclusive language and reclaimed words – 10.00-12.00

The focus of this session the focus will be around language, phrasing, championing and challenging. We will share best practice models, research and advice to ensure attendees feel confident to talk about Equality and Identity in an inclusive and thoughtful way.

Answering application questions – 11.00-12.00

A look at job application questions, why they are used, what the employer is looking for and how to best answer them.

Professional work behaviour – 13.00-14.00

Come along to get some information on expectations from your new employer, how to behave in the workplace and hints and tips for making a positive impression in your new job.

Career Management for mature students and career changers – 15.00-16.00

As a mature student or career changer you have a wealth of experience that you can help you to effectively manage your career. This session will explore how you use these experiences to help you to decide on the right career area for you and to convince employers that you are the best candidate for a role.

Friday 20 May

How good is your LinkedIn profile?– 13.00-14.00

Have you heard of LinkedIn, but you are unsure how it works? Or maybe you have a LinkedIn profile, but you would like to grow your network? In this interactive session an Adviser provide advice on creating and developing an effective profile, as well as discuss the tools you can use to expand your connections!

Study Plus – Your online Presence – 14.00-16.00

This interactive workshop takes participants through their paces on social media, what recruiters are looking for and the traps that are out there. We will also give you specific actions that you can take to enhance your on-screen presence so that you can bring your authentic self to an online interview.