Payne, Edwin Ernest Wilson (1894-1917)

Edwin Ernest Payne was born 26th May 1894. He was born in Strood.  His father was called Thomas and was a Bricklayer and his mother was called Eliza. In the 1911 Census Edwin was an apprentice brass moulder, with his employer listed as Aveling, Strood. He lived with his parents and seven other siblings at 9 Cliffe Road, Strood.  It appears that Edwin/Edward worked for the Portsmouth Tramways Corporation before the war,

He married Hilda Daisy Pillen in February 1916.

He served for the Royal Navy. His service number was SS117592. His first date of service was 29th May 1916 aboard the Pembroke II and his last day of service was 30th March 1917 in which he was serving on the Wallington. (Records conflicting). On his Registration of Seaman Service he was described as 5’9 with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was also described as having a tattoo on his forearm. However, he was called Edward in this recording not Edwin.

States on records that he was killed on the HMS Cheerful when it was sunk on 30th June 1917 near the Shetland Islands. He was registered as living at 6 Almon Place, Rochester at the time with his wife Hilda. Unfortunately his body was never recovered.

He is registered on the Chatham Naval Memorial, and his page on Every Man Remembered can be found here.


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Samantha Stevens, 2016