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On the 23rd of June, the United Kingdom will have the choice on whether to stay in or leave the European Union. We, a group of students from the University of Kent, have decided to unite in order to support a continued British membership in the European Union.

We created a student branch of the national “Britain Stronger in Europe” campaign at the University of Kent called “Kent Students for Europe”. We are officially launching the campaign on the 3rd of March in Darwin Lecture Theatre 2 at 6pm and hope that many students and staff will be able to attend this event.


We believe that Britain’s future is stronger, safer and brighter in the EU.

Stronger because Britain’s economy, trade and leadership in the world will be stronger inside the EU. Being in the EU helps Britain attract millions of pounds of investment every day which helps create more jobs and more opportunities for UK families. This also means lower prices on consumer goods and services for these families.

Safer because being part of larger community helps to fight crime and terrorism and to address global issues such as a safer and cleaner environment. We believe that such issues can only be resolved by working on a united front with our partner nations in Europe.

Brighter because we know the continued opportunities available that a Britain remaining in the EU would enjoy such as healthcare, the protection of our fundamental rights and freedoms but also more specific rights such as workers and women’s rights.


This is the campaign of our generation because we are generation Easy Jet, we are generation Erasmus, a generation that has never been confronted directly to the horrors of war and that witnesses a unified and secured European continent.

We are the ones who enjoy the most the freedom to travel, work and study anywhere in the EU. Thanks to the grants that the EU provides to support research and innovation, we have the best possible education and career opportunities. We can see just how the EU is present in our lives by looking at all the students coming from the EU to study at Kent, the UK’s European university. EU students and staff help us foster an international and more opened culture, prepared to meet up with the challenges that shape our globalised world.


– Kent Students for Europe Campaign Team


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And on Twitter: @Kent4EU

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