Sustainable Ablutions

Reusable Razors

Welcome to the fourth edition in our series on sustainable ablutions. This time we are going to be talking about reusable razors.

There are several companies which produce 100% plastic-free, ethically made and reusable razors (see links below). One such company is Up Circle, a 2021 Natural Health Beauty finalist. Their chrome safety razor is unisex and suitable for face and body. It is guaranteed to give you the smoothest shave yet. The double edge razor blades give the closest possible shave whilst being gentle to the skin. Many people suffer from shaving irritation, in-growing hairs and poor quality shaves from using electric or disposable plastic razors. For these reasons many people are turning to the safety razors as a solution. The sharp single blade gives an extremely close shave without needing multiple blades to go over the same area which can lead to irritation. Using a reusable razor can save an average of £163 per year versus disposable razors. Up Circle’s razor comes with two free razor blades. Up Circle also have a razor blade return scheme where you send off your old blades to be disposed of and recycled. For every 5 blades returned you’ll get £1 off your blades refill pack. Up Circle’s razor is rated 4.8 stars and is priced at £24.99.


University of Kent Student Review:

I switched to using a reusable razor about 2 years ago and I would literally never go back! It’s so much cheaper, the blades are sharper, the shave is closer, it looks nicer and each blade lasts so much longer than plastic heads do, not to mention you can switch between each side of the blade between strokes which means you get more hair off with each wash of your razor (it’s the little things). Available at most sustainability online and in-store shops.

For £24.99, Shoreline Shaving offers with its Safety Razor, 5 double-edge razor blades, a drawstring hessian travel bag and a user manual to help fit blades. Their blades are made by Shark and fit all standard double-edge safety razors. For every Coral Collection razor sold, Shoreline Shaving donate a portion of their profit to the protection of the world’s coral reef ecosystems. For another alternative, All Plastic Free’s Safety razor is made of bamboo and uses standard replaceable razor blades for a close shave.


Up Circle Safety Razor

Reusable Plastic-Free Razor | Sustainable Safety Razor – UpCircle Beauty


Shore Line Shaving

Travel Shaving Set – Mint Green Reusable Safety Razor (


All Plastic Free Razor

Plastic Free Shaving Kit UK | All Plastic Free


Join us next month for the next in the series on sustainable ablutions.

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