Discover MA351 Probability

This week we will be taking a look at the module MA351 Probability, which those of you studying for the Mathematics BSc and MMathMathematics and Statistics BSc, Mathematics with Secondary Education (QTS) BSc, the Financial Mathematics BSc, the Actuarial Science BSc, and the Mathematics and Accounting and Finance BSc will take in the Autumn.

Probability is the mathematical study of random events, and it applies to many areas of life, be it dice games, radioactive decay, or the modelling of financial markets. The course is taught by Dr Owen Lyne, who in this video will give you a preview of the sort of exciting problems you will be able to solve.


We would like to give you some online resources to get you up to speed will the A level probability content, in case you missed out due to Covid-19 disruption. You don’t need to complete all of it, but do look and see if you find something useful!

HELM Workbooks were written by universities with content ranging from the start of A-Level to the end of your degree. There are many worked examples and exercises for you to practice. Of particular relevance to MA351 is

  • Chapter 35 Sets and Probability.

The section of the Khan academy on Probability Basics is also useful revision as is the section on Basic Theoretical Probability, some of which you will see at the start of MA351.

We hope you enjoy this new video and the revision material, and we are looking forward to seeing you in September!

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