Playing with words

New Writing From Brompton Academy

Welcome to part 2 of a new and exciting project! Year 7 students from Brompton Academy have been playing imaginative games, and using these as the basis for their creative writing.

Dolphin – control hair – reads minds.

The dolphin looks like a young human but it has long hair. It sounds like it is really squeaky and it is very loud it smells like salty water. It feels smooth and soft. The dolphin has long hair and it can read every persons minds that comes near him. If I saw this dolphin with hair I would scream and I would be shocked. And it would read my mind how I am feeling because it made a noise. It can blow my hair and read my mind and what I am thinking of. If the Dolphin saw me it would be my friend and ask me to live with him and it would ask to be my kind friend.

By Kayla.

Suzi Lafayette

age – 23

live with – mum

spare time – watching tv

pocket – gun

Dear Diary,

Today was stressful. I witnessed a train robbery. The police would not stop questioning me. I was going into Central London to get some more bullets. A girl called Kayla told everyone to get off the train.

By Charlie.


I can see a pitch black forist with alot of trees swaying side to side. There was green bushes swaying Left and Right the wos little bit of thing grass.


One day there was a over night festival and it was by a lake. After the little party they had they went to sleep in tents then something cralled out of the lake with 8 legs and it was a crab then it started to rain. Then you crab bit a person and killed them but the crab was pregnent and land eggs in the tent then the crab ate some poisonous food  and made the crab turn to a person then he killed everyone then bitted a tented.

By Bailey.



I have a giraffe that knows kung fu and goes on a jet ski. It looks like spots on it back teeth that have long spikey sharp and knifes on it legs. It has lazer eyes that can kill people. When anyone walk past the giraffe bullets get shot at the person. It smell like perfume, so anybody wo can smell it and can fall asleep and wont wake up. You cant touch him because when you do he will be on a jet ski, and knows kung fu. I was walking through the forest, and a river beside me, and I heard gun noises and made me scared, and I fell in the water and all of a sudden he shot lazer eyes at her for no reason and he feel on his back and sharp knife fell on him and he died.

By Lucy.


Rambo look like a gangster because he wears a bandana and he is a (_) foot 7. he smell like deodorant. and he can control the weather and camps in trees and he can make a tornado and throw the whip inside the storm.

By Anonymous.

My character is 50. He lives with his horse Jeff. He rides His horse and shoots people. In his pocket he has guns and money.

Dear diary

Today I saw a Train robbery then i jumped in the train and joined in with the robbery and stole all the money and ran away.

By Padraic.


One day the was a day a boy had been walking home there was a strange noise that had made him wonder so he had walked over to the mysterious bush and all of a sudden the noise had stopped  and out of the corner of his eye he had saw a broken and forgotten house it had looked like the trees had been covering it up and hiding it away from humanity. A few minutes later I had walked up to the house and it had looked like some type of creature or animal had been trying to get in but a few seconds later the noise from the bush had started again he felt something staring at him. . . .

By Luke.

The sea was magnificent so butifull like a blue diamond. Then I saw a 2 metere man walking out of the sea he was hovering over the waves he had a imperial gold trident he arived at the dock and started to shrink now he was 6ft tall then thunder rumbled but no lightning. The man came to me and looked me in the eye and said be preperd. Then some one appeard he had white hair blue eyes and looked vey old then he called the one who came from the sea Posidon and Posidon called him Zeus. Then I realised they were greek gods. . .

By Haris.

There was a terable noise and in the distance there was a Demon. How had blod red skin and deafening horns. And his Bottom half is a T-Rex and his legs are Peg Legs. And every time the Demon opens his mouth it smells like dead fish. And his skin is like a sand paper feeling. And also his name is Percy.

By Charlotte.

Once upon a time There was a Outlaw who was called tim and rob tine a town with his team. And in 2 minutes was shot at the deputy and after was shot dead by the skilled Sheriff who can’t aim or hold a gun properly.

By Daniel.

The Bang game

There were 6 people in town me and the other 2 outlaws then there was the Deputy that was protecting the town with his soon to be dead sheriff we were 2 minutes and 30 seconds a bume circle that appeared in the sky was shining down on the town. a person came at relled every there I was the only one alive then I went to the future.

By Chardane.

Once upon a spooky time there was a evil creature which was a demon who lost her evil necklace which was filled with poison. The demon kills people. Without the necklace she would’nt be able to kill people. She’s very magical but not a good magical it’s a terrible and instead of being good she murded people. Her weapon was as sharp as a blade you WOULD’NT want to bump into her or is it a he. . .

By Neve.

Once in a mysterious land people live calmly and peacfully but there is fear in everyone. And the most feared creature is A beast named Overseer, the devil reincarnated, with a colossle rage which he breaths gran flames and cause desludive damage and his skin as hard as steel and a echoing roar that shakes the land and lives in the north but another beast lives in the south and rivals the demon of the north. The demon of the South, Grimlock the purple terror, the other demon reacarnated from hell, and This beast as spikes of crytls and has breath of purple flames. But people didnt know one of the demon’s live among them. . .

In the main capital of the region a Teen named Draco live a peacful, until now. . .

“Hey Draco!” shouted shade, (a loud tumble is heard from inside)

“uuhh what was that?” shade asked himself.

“I coming!!!” a muffled shout from the house, the door opens quickly, “sorry. I over slept,” as draco wheezed, “don’t worry” as shade smiled happily, “come on lets go!”

By Jacob.

One bright sunny Saturday morning a young girl called Liza woke up and was in a very happy mood because it was her 10th birthday. She went downstairs into her mum and dads room nobody was there as she was going back downstairs and into the living room and they was there they said weve been waiting here for you.

It got to 6:30 pm and Lizas 6 guests all arrived and they all had a good sleepover until liza woke up in the night to see if you friends were okay but 1 of them was missing and they left their fingers in the bed the sheets were covered in blood!

By Morgan.

Dear Diary,

Today my horse got eaten by my neighbor. I got so angry! So I killed him and sold him to a chicen Anmey the police took me to Jail. I escaped then I bought a new horse.

By Gjeison.

One summer day when Draco Meg is getting ready for Kogwarts. In her 1st year she got the house Slyvergriff and had a pet snake that is called Snape. Her parents Snape and Lily are her parents but they are died by Lord Voldemort but she is alive and has a scar of a snake because Snape  and he was the best man on earth.

By Meg.

One day there was a girl named Megan who was at the beach with her mum, dad, and brother. Megan was happily playing in the sea until she felt something touch her leg. She looked down to see an electric eel that was wearing a flaming tutu that smell like old smelly seaweed that has rotted away for years it also smells like salty water. The eel feels like a snake but it has slime dripping of its skin. When she ran up to her mum and told her she looked in the sea and saw nothing there so she said that Megan was lying and stop being silly.

By Daisy.

The Unicorn defeats the City

Once upon a time there was a shiny, pink, glittery Unicorn egg sitting in the dark forist. One day a vicious snake came along and said “I’m hungry, that egg looks tastey.” When he licked it the egg cracked open it was a magical pink, glittery Unicorn.

One day, the unicorn saw a really bright light coming from in front of her it was the moon. Suddenly loads of Unicorns appeared out of nowhere. There was a really big unicron with a necklace on. The snake bit the big unicorn it fell to the floor and the neckless broke. . .

By Summer-Rose.