It’s all a Game

New Writing From Brompton Academy

Welcome to part 1 of a new and exciting project! Year 7 students from Brompton Academy have been playing imaginative games, and using these as the basis for their creative writing. I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are fantastic – full of creativity, imagination, humour, bank robbers and plenty of spooky creations. Enjoy!


Dear Diary,

Today I was taking a stroll through the forest to get my mind off things. I was just about to walk home but I looked up and saw a wolf by the river, it was covered in black fur and bright red eyes. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. How can I describe the unreasoning fear that there was something staring directly at my soul. What happened next was a blur. I vividly remember running away from the monster that was chasing me for hours. Once I realised that I had fully left it behind, I reached for my phone that had fallen as I was running. So there I was in the middle of the woods with no source of surviving.

–          By Ela


Dear Diary,

My name is Rose Doolan and I am 28 years old. I live with my best friend. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and robbing banks. I have just been to the desert and I’m going to a bar.

I have just witnessed a fight in the bar. At first I was just sitting with my friend and I heard shouting so I ran over to the two men fighting and one of them had blood running down his nose.


My heart was beating rapidly as I was sprinting through the deep dark woods. The grass was overgrown and I could bearly see where I was going. I turned my phone torch on and I turned backwards to see what was behind me. I could see dark black figure holding a really long sword and a crow was standing on its shoulder. I turned back around and started running, but after five seconds I heard a loud scream. I turned back around to see what it was and I could see a adult laying down on the dirty, muddy ground where the black figure was. I closed my eyes to see if I was just imagining what happened, but I opened my eyes and I saw the sword hit the ground . . . .

–          By Ellie-Mai


There was a little kid called Timmy Jones. It was his sixth birthday and he was very excited. Timmy wanted the new doll named Mr Chuckles all his friends at school had this new doll apart from him. As he went downstairs he saw a big box. He was desperate to see what was inside so he went closer to take a quick peak but before he could do that his Mum walked into the room with his birthday cake and a large bag full of presents. Timmy blew out his candles and cut a slice out with his Mum as he was opening his last present he looked back over at the box. His Mum walked over to the box . . .

–          By Kelsey



Dear Diary,


I am Suzy Lafayttle. I am 18 years old and I live with my parents and an annoying younger sister. All my life, my parents have used me to rob banks for them. I have never known my parents as I was always out robbing banks for them. They wouldn’t care if I got caught. My parents are horrible, selfish and they don’t care about me (they only care about my sister). That’s why I have come up with a plan to run away tonight. I can’t handle living with them anymore, all they do is use me. How would you feel if your parents didn’t care about you? Anyway I am getting ready to go now so until next time diary . . .

oxoxo Suzy oxoxo


–          By Morgan


One day, I was walking down the street and I came across an old, broken backpack. I thought to myself that I should take it. As I was walking, all of a sudden, a man was chopping a massive tree and breaking in a car with an axe . . .

After that, a pirate appeared and started singing while eating a cactus. The crazy pirate started getting angry and was upset as it started raining. He got so angry he smashed up his glasses and threw them. They were nowhere to be seen . . .

As soon as I could I got out of this situation. Out the corner of my eye, I saw a taking, floating cat. Out of nowhere, he already knew everything about me! My shoe size, my weight, my favourite colour and why everything weird and crazy is happening to me?!. . .

–          By Erin


Once upon a time, there was a young girl wandering through a deep dark haunted wood. She’s got long brown hair with hazle eyes. All she could hear was rain drops falling all around. She don’t know how she got here but she’s scared and worried. She walks and walks until she finds a box that is gold and stuck in a long black tree and near the tree were plants that looked like they were going to eat you. She tried and tried but couldn’t reach it. So she wandered and came across a man, a very small man who looked more like a goblin, looking through a smashed mirror. He had a long white nose with elf ears with a bag. He looked like he was just waiting for him to strike a mysterious plan. He sees the girl and asked he if she was okay. She replied, “No Sir”. “Oh Why?” he said. I need a person tall enough to reach my box from a tree. “Oh I’ll help” he said. Okay she replied. They walked back to the long dark tree but even the little man couldn’t reach. . .

–          By Chloe


The four friends walked through the haunted house. They looked up on the internet that the owners daughter got bullied. She ended up killing herself, and legend had it that the girls spirit haunted a doll.

They saw that doll in the corner of the room, “We should check whether it is haunted,” whispered Jade.

“Agreed,” said Lilly.

“Noooo” whined Chloe.

“It’s OK Chloe,” whispered Tom.

Jade put it on the stairs. “OK everyone go to a room in the house then shout come find me!”

They did what Jade said.

“COME FIND ME!” they all shouted . . . There was a silence. Then a deafening scream was heard all through the house . . . It was in the room Lilly was in . . . followed by a scream from the room Jade was in . . .

“Chloe we need to go!!” shoted Tom. They ran until they could not.

“Did we make it?”

“Not Sure,” whispered Tom.

Then they saw the doll stood in front of them . . .

–          By Charlotte


Today I woke up at 6.30 in the morning and I went on my phone for half an hour to go on snapchat, Whatsapp and facebook. Then it was 7.00 then I got dressed. I did my hair as well. Then I went to my friend’s house to knock for him to walk to school with. I got to school about 8.13am then I saw Taylor, Tilly, Chloe, Charlie J, and Kayleigh L and Kayleigh C. At half past two I go and pick my brother from school. Then me, my brother and my mum go to the town. At 4pm I go to dancing until 7pm. Then I go home to my Nan’s house to have dinner then I go on my phone until 9.30pm. Then I go to bed then the next morning I wake up about 7.00am to get ready for dance. I dance from 10.30 until 3.30. Then I go home to play with my friends.

–          By Lola-Jade

I arrived in town for the first time. I thought there was fun fairs there, well that was what my Mum said anyway, I found a little shop with signs with “Sweet Shop come in for a great time”. I went in and there was so much sugar, my Mum said sugar is bad but a little bit isn’t bad . . . right? I was questioning myself for a long time but then I gave up so went outside. I saw a person in a red costume, but it was face to face with the local sheriff. I didn’t understand at first but then I heard the sheriff saying “you won’t take me alive this is my town”. In a Texas like voice. I saw the red costume person had a sword. It was pointing the sword to the sheriff’s throat signalling it by swirling the sword around.

But then the sheriff ducked swiftly to the right and to the left. I wasn’t surprised at what he was doing but even more surprising is that he was doing all this in a suit! The sheriff finally shot the red costume person and they all live happily ever after. Or so I thought . . .

–          By Lewis


This is Flimsy. She is very shy and loves art. Be her friend!

After a while, Flimsy made a couple of friends. She was being bullied but she ignore them. She is very confident and nice.




101 Dalmatians can’t stop dancing and think the floor is lava. The Dalmatians were very noisy because they couldn’t stop dancing.

–          By Kayleigh





#Mushroom Squad

Jeff is the leader of the #mushroom squad and Bob is the leader of the Bob Squad and a human. The mushroom tries to destroy Bob Squad because if he doesn’t he can’t be the next King. If he doesn’t destroy Bob’s Squad his head will get chopped off. Then Bob’s Squad will become the king of both kingdoms, and if jeff wins he’ll get to turn Bob’s Squad into a three legged donkey.

–          By Tilly

There was once an angry man who made eggmeal for his Army at lunch time. They were eating the eggmeal. Jeff Squad (the Jeff Army) and the Bob Team (the Bob Army) set the mushrooms on fire and he cut the mushrooms in half and fed them to the chickens. The human feeds the chickens the mushrooms and he poos out the mushrooms and the mushrooms are dead. The mushroom’s organs dry up.

–          By Sapphire


Penny Wise

Once there was creepy clown called Penny Wise. And he was the most terrifying clown that ever lived. No one knew what he was but all they knew was he was dangerous.

People thought he came from a circus but they were wrong. He draws children into a sewer entrance and then he eats them! . . . .

He knows children’s fears so he turns into them to scare them.

–          By Louie



One day I was laying in my garden. I have a really concerned face but I had no idea what was happening. There was a map in the trees. But first I knocked on my (tiny) house. My Mum came out and I hear Ahahaha in the quietest voice.

My Mum said “Why you so tall?”

I said, “don’t worry I need to do something bye.”

Mum said, “Okay bye”.

So I looked at the map. I saw another map. The map looks like a messy pirate map with lots of stains but it was not just a map it had information. Each picture on the map one was an egg and more for the information as the egg it said “Find this egg it was purple and green please find it.” . . .

Once upon a time it was Halloween, scary and horrifying day. There was a little girl on top of her roof. The man who saw her said, “Get down little girl.” All of a sudden a skeleton came out of the chimney and held the little girls hand . . .

One normal day R.L.Stine was getting ready for bed. There was a lot of noise. He went outside to his front garden there was scaffolding to and from his house. At the top of his house there was a robot arm. R.L Stine wondered what was happening . . .

–          By Taylor




My Character: Her name is Coraline. She’s 10 year sold, She is a little shy but she has so many friends. She’s really nosey, and she gets in trouble a lot. That’s why she is really brave.

Since Coraline moved into a different town with her family all she was thinking about was how many new places she could visit. When she and her family ‘finally!’ arrived Coraline immediately opened the car door and went to explore! Everything she could see was interesting. After exploring, Coraline decided that everything there was boring, so finally she got to explore the new house. Her Mum said, “go explore your room.” She was so excited that she shot like an arrow upstairs. There weren’t anything interesting going on in her room, but then she saw it! The little door. She opened it and it was magical there was animals talking to each other, the trees were not big like normal ones . . . but the trees were really small. She went inside it and that meant she’s going to be in big trouble!

–          By Martyna